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Norman’s Farm Vodka is a combination of 100% corn, the best filtered water and hand-selected yeast strains.

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Garden State Distillery

Norman's Farm Vodka

Norman's Farm Vodka

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Norman's Farm Vodka

Flavor Profile

40% ALC / 80 PROOF

Ingredients: 100% corn

Appearance: Crystal clear

Aroma: Smooth & sweet

Taste: Subtle sweet corn, hints of honeysuckle

Norman's Farm Vodka

Local Farmers

At Garden State Distillery, we believe that where something comes from matters. Norman’s Farm Vodka is made with this Philosophy in mind.

We created personal relationships with local farmers, learning about them and their farming process.

After our fermentation process is complete, the vodka is passed through our uniquely designed 16-plate still, each plate leaving behind impurities. Contact us to learn more about our process!

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