Summer in a Bottle

Garden State Distillery’s sea-worthy spirit is the perfect pairing with any seafood dinner or catch of the day!

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Garden State Distillery

Norman's Shuck Vodka

Norman's Shuck Vodka

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Flavor Profile

40% ALC / 80 PROOF

Appearance: Polished & crystal clear

Aroma: Subtle salt & brine, fresh sea breeze

Taste: Sea salt, ocean & oyster flavor with slight notes of pepper

A Shuckin’ Good Cause

Preserve & Maintain the Barnegat Bay

Because of its popularity, over-fishing and environmental issues, the Barnegat Bay has seen a decline in its overall health.

Through the sales of our oyster-flavored vodka and partnership with local nonprofit organizations, we aim to play our part in the continued restoration of Barnegat Bay.

Made with oysters, seawood and sea salt sourced directly from Barnegat Bay – Shuck Vodka ensures the perfect Bloody Mary or Oyster Shooter. Savor summer at the Jersey Shore with each sip.

Shuck Vodka Origins