Brick & Mortar

Bricktucky Bourbon Whiskey pays homage to Brick, NJ. To honor our local town, we showcase a timeless bourbon whiskey best accompanied with a roaring fire, flannel and a faithful dog.

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Garden State Distillery

Bricktucky Bourbon Whiskey

Bricktucky Bourbon Whiskey

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Flavor Profile

42.5% ALC / 85 PROOF

Ingredients: 7% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley

Appearance: Deep Amber

Aroma: Brisk, crisp, slightly sharp

Taste: Warm harvest, with notes of cinnamon & cherry 

Aged: Approx. 4 years

Brick Born, Brick Bred

Dedicated to Brick, NJ

Time is impossible to replicate. When we opened Garden State Distillery, we never expected a worldwide pandemic to affect business. During the pandemic, we decided to source some of the best bourbon whiskey in America.

Honesty is rare. We never intended to sell anything we did not make with our own hands. We searched for a bourbon whiskey that was cultivated and made with the same passion and integrity as Garden State Distillery – this is the result.

Roots connect us. We are proud to be Jersey born and raised. Bricktucky Bourbon Whiskey pays homage to Brick, NJ a town many at Garden State Distillery hold near and dear to their hearts. Bricktucky’s namesake honors our home the best way we could.