The Spice of Life

Inspired by our founder’s exceptional wife, Sissy’s Hot is sure to spice up any gathering & makes the perfect Bloody Mary!

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Garden State Distillery

Sissy's Hot Vodka

Sissy's Hot Vodka

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Flavor Profile

40% ALC / 80 PROOF

Appearance: Zesty, yellow-lime

Aroma: Earthy, fresh & grounded

Taste: A blend of hot peppers & vegetables yields a satisfying spice & flare

Spicy Wife, Happy Life

Dedicated to the wife of a lifetime, Sissy Norman.

As a love letter to his wife, our founder, Rick Norman, beautifully wrote the following:

Without my wife Sissy, Garden State Distillery would still be a dream. As an ode to my partner, I developed this hot and spicy spirit that embodies Sissy’s character and will compliment any cocktail.

Cheers to the spice of my life, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks, babe.